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U4 : : HOSTING™ is a professional hosting platform, dedicated to SOHO, SME and Major Accounts which need to outsource their digital presence. Through a range of scalable services, our mission is to provide all the tools and expertise that you need in the easiest way.

Fully administrated, our 'Cloud' platform is structured to meet different needs - storage, connectivity, distribution - in a controlled, flexible, and powerful environment.

From the analysis of your needs to the configuration of your systems and active servers monitoring... We take care of everything. All the time.

In a permanent quest for quality, we offer a full range of management, storage and distribution solutions. Through a close support, we ensure the accessibility and the online monitoring of your websites, data, applications and information systems, whatever context.

To do so, we manage a dedicated 'Cloud' architecture, totally flexible and fully scalable. We are committed to achieving the highest level of performance, reliability and security in a fully controlled and custom environment. Yours.

From acquisition to processing and distribution of your contents, we take care of all your webcasting needs (streaming, progressive download, podcast, VOD).

With anticipated management of peak loads, we regulate our resources depending on your activity, thus ensuring availability, scalability and flexibilty.

Based on strategic business partnerships, we offer professional e-mail marketing solutions. We are thus able to implement a full sending, routing and statistical package, taking into account the specificities of each campaign.

Our tools (dedicated servers / dedicated IP) and methods (scripting, configuration and simulation procedures) guarantee optimal deliverability rates, meeting the highest standards in this domain.

Due to our partnership with Gandi, we are able to buy, set up and manage domain names on behalf of our partners and/or their customers.

This facility aims to accelerate and streamline domain names registration, management and centralization procedures for our contacts, or someone else. A very useful service for event campaigns.

Our servers are dispatched across multiple datacenters and connected by many optical and WDM links. All data we store are replicated in real time on different datacenters. This multiplication of structural components ensures continuity of service, whatever scenario. With this active redundancy process, we are able to certify an availability rate (machines and services) of 99.8% * (* Annual average rate).

To overcome quickly to any unavailability, we have established an efficient process of bugs and failures detection, analysis and solving. Servers status and services are checked in real time with a redundant monitoring, which allows to face any kind of simultaneous failure. Once a problem is detected, our teams are immediately alerted by e-mail and SMS. This cascading configuration offers a Guarantee Response Time of 4H max on all our 'Cloud'. 24/24h, 7/7, throughout the year.

All the systems we use are completely secure and continually updated. To complete our process, our servers are regularly the target of attack and intrusion simulations. These tests are performed by independent companies, specializing in the areas of IT and network security. This proactive approach allows us to anticipate any possible loophole and meet our requirements for security, reliability and privacy.

At regular frequency, we proceed secure backups of all hosted data (files, media and databases). These backups are encrypted and stored on several different media, independent of the network. Every day, we also store an incremental backup of all our 'Cloud', which allows us to restore the most recent configurations if necessary.

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